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Youth Entrepreneur Program

New Vision Community Youth Entrepreneur Program currently includes two entities, which are 1) Aqua Farming (raising Talapia fish) and 2) the growing of organic produce (vegetables). The youth are required to keep records relative to each program such as changing water of the fish once per week, feedings and keeping a daily count of the fish. Water that is generated from the fish changing tanks is used in the organic garden as fertilizer. The participants are awarded stipends for their interest and participation.

Gift In Kind

New Vision has partnered with Gifts In Kinds International in their mission to link donor resources to enhance, empower and restore communities and people in need.

Gifts In Kind International receives donations from thousands of large and small companies; including half of the Fortune 100 technology, retail, and consumer corporations. They distribute these donations to more than 150,000 community charities across the United States and throughout the world. New Vision has received donations from companies such as Talbots, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Home Depot.

Gifts In Kind is a donations program that addresses the household needs of youth, the sick and senior citizens. Products from Gifts In Kind cannot be sold nor auctioned.

Community Food Pantry

New Vision in collaboration with Harvest Hope Food Bank distributes food to the community on the third Tuesday of each month.

Hunger in South Carolina is a major issue and with so many currently unemployed or underemployed; efforts such as New Vision's is vitally important. New Vision Community Food Pantry distributes food to approximately 200 plus family each month. There is also an emergency aspect of the program for persons who are in need based on emergencies such as fire or other unexpected services.

The preparation for distribution as well as the day of distribution is managed by the senior citizens of the community.

Kids Cafe

Kid's Cafe, sponsored by Harvest Hope Food Bank, provides a nutritional snack and an afternoon meal for at-risk youth who attend the After School Program, which is in operation from 3 PM-6 PM daily.

In some cases, the afternoon meal may possibly be the only meal some of the youth receive for the evening. However, each Friday, the youth are given backpacks (food) for the weekend meals.

Our mission with this program is to insure that "No Child Goes To Bed Hungry".

Kid's Cafe is dedicated to stopping hunger and food waste in the community for youth ages 6-18.

New Vision/Magnolia Child Care Center

"Where Children Blossom"
New Vision/Magnolia Child Care Center's purpose is to serve and provide families of Hartsville and surrounding communities with the best education and childcare that they deserve.

NVMCCC under the capable leadership of Mrs. Isadoris Blair and her dedicated staff, provide children age 2 months to 5 years with a nurturing, homelike environment that will aid in developing social, physical, mental and emotional growth of each child.

The Center is located at 919 South 6th Street, Hartsville, S.C. 29550. The phone number is 843-383-2865. Operating hours are from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program's goal is to delay the initial involvement of sexual activities among youth that have not become sexually active. It also helps to reduce the frequency of sex for those who have become sexually active by providing a wholesome and safe atmosphere for youth who participate in our After School Program.

This program is funded by the SC Department of Social Services and offers youth ages 10-18 educational and preventive programs to prevent pregnancy, STD's and STI's; as well as offering life-building skills. Approximately 17 young people currently participate in this program.

After School Homework and Activities Program

The After School Homework and Activities Program provides after school tutoring and activities for youth 7-17, five days a week. Four schools in Darlington County are served in this program. New Vision staff is given permission by the parents to contact school officials with any concerns relating to the academic progress of the children. A computer lab is also available for the youth to assist them as they strive to reach their potential.

This program exposes the participants to life experiences through day trips to various areas locally and throughout the Pee Dee Region.

The After School Homework and Activities Program offers adolescents and teens a safe haven environment. Approximately 30 youth participate in the program when school is in session. Volunteers are welcome and essential to the success of this program.

Recovery Program

The goal of the Recovery Program is to promote real and lasting change in the lives of its participants. It addition to recovery meetings the program addresses addiction issues through Bible studies, fellowship, mentoring and peer support.

It is our goal to reclaim disorderly lives, encourage individual responsibility and positive behavior; as a result strengthening families and the community.

New Vision Diner

As a result of New Vision being a non-profit 501(c)3 entity, funding from grants is a main source of maintaining the various programs that New Vision utilizes in serving the community. In order to remain viable at the end of funding periods, sustainability of the programs is a priority. With this in mind, the vision of a restaurant came into fruition, thusly New Vision's Diner.

New Vision's intent is to raise two of its main menu items, Tilapia Fish and Potatoes for French Fries, in order to also create employment for members of the community as well as make New Vision's Diner self-sufficient.

The diner is in operation Thursday through Saturday, 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM.