Thank you for letting me come to the program. I like the program because I meet new friends and go to the library. I have fun at the program. I like Ms. Coot because she is fun. When we write she raise her hand and we laugh all day. I hope we go swimming today.
James - Age 9

I enjoy coming to the Summer Enrichment Program because it gives a lot of excellent benefits. It helps you get a head start for next school year. I love to come because it has a lot of extracurricular activities. Also, this program has a wonderful staff.
Tyrek - Age 12

I don't like coming to New Vision; I love coming because I learn so much in such little time. The people here care for you and there is always somebody here for you to talk to. Every summer I am out here enjoying my mornings. There is not another place I would rather be.
Ladaisha - Age 14

The reason I enjoy coming to New Vision CDC Summer Enrichment Program is because it's an enjoyment; it takes up time from getting in trouble; It helps you realize the changes that you need to work on; it helps you to know how to better your attitude; and it helps you to realize how to get along and communicate with others.
Keybreyanna - Age 15

I enjoy coming to the New Vision Summer Program. It is a great way to meet new people and learn new things that you might be learning next year.
Mykiea - Age 15

I love coming here because it's fun. We can get out of the house. Seeing our friends is another reason why I love it here. Also, we get to do things and go places.
Destiny - Age

This Program is very helpful to me with the choices I make in my life. They help you with your attitude and other problems you may have. You can meet new people and create friendships with people. It's also very fun…
Will - Age 15

I'm a member of New Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church. I also attend the New Vision Summer Enrichment Program. One reason I enjoy attending the New Vision Summer Program is because it influences many people. It also has a positive impact on the negative situations. When I come to this program, I know that I'm going to have a good time.
Monteria - Age 15

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